Playbook: Indianapolis
Setup: Motion running back out wide to the right.




Suggested Plays: Inside Switch, TE Corner.

Whats up guys, its Fiasco here! In this video, I breakdown one of my concepts for beating man coverage in one of my favorite formations, Bunch TE. By putting my running back in motion out wide it gives my Tight End inside or outside position, depending on which route I want to put him on. This can be extremely effective with compressed sets looking for an easier way to hit their corner routes or posts more consistently.



  1. I used to get worked by my roommate by 20-30 points a game. Since I started watching Fiasco’s tips and practicing them in practice mode I have beaten him by no less than 30 points in any game

  2. hey man I started to watch your videos to see if can beat my brother in law! I’m a total noob, but watching your guys tips has help a little. the only problem is that now he knows about your website and comes is practicing your plays too lol you should make a video explaining the bullet passing and other types of passing for people like me.
    thank you for your help

  3. Very Nice. Used that same motioning of the RB in last years game when I ran SG Trio for a while. Like he said guys don’t be afraid to use this concept with other formations it really just adds another wrinkle to your Offense.

  4. You guys do a great job on vids…ive hit a lot of ppl w the concepts u explain…i def look forward to your videos first thing when i wake up in the morning lol…also send me a FR xiamtoddx is my gt….i want to get a game in