Today we’re taking a close look at wheel routes to slot receivers and tight ends in Madden 13. Not only do they get inside position and beat man to man defense every time, these wheel routes also get in between zones very nicely as well. The exact play we are using in this breakdown is Shotgun Y Slot – PA TE Wheel out of the Carolina Playbook. This exact play is found in many play books, and the double wheel route concept is found in several formations. Some of these formations include Shotgun 4 wide sets, Single back 4 wide sets, 5 wide sets, and even some tight formations. Here is how Madden Daily breaks down the effectiveness of Wheel Routes in Madden 13.

Shotgun Y Slot – PA TE Wheel


1. Put the RB on a streak (Up on the DPad + Running back icon + Up on the DPad)

Since our setup only consists of one step, this qualifies as a dumb it down play. Adding the streak to the running back really makes this play tough to stop and I would definitely consider it a money play!

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