This is episode 8 of the Road to the Top 100 series. I (Litezout) was the Jets using the Eagles offensive playbook. My opponent (ChurchboyChris) used the 49ers using a Custom Offensive Playbook. Feel free to ask any questions you want. I want to mix it up next game.. what team and playbook would you guys like me to use for the next RTT100? Let me know by commenting below! Also come check out our Forums if you haven’t already.


  1. gr8 game litezout. GR8 players def find a way to hang on and win the tight ones. Love the site and what you guys are doing. Bring some more defenses for us please.

  2. Trufant drops picks for me too lol..on returns it helps if you manual on one of your blockers prior to the return man catching ball. I like to use him to seal an edge to open a lane. Not foolproof but my drives usually start at the 27+.

    • Trufant usually is on point for me though that’s what was weird. He usually makes so many plays for me. If you noticed, I start him over Bell at SS just for the Speed.

  3. oh i ll def checkin in litezout. I know the ds are gonna be fire like always. Yea to be honest on special teams sometimes your just gonna get screwed and everyone is gonna get blocked up. I don t think i ve ever given a run back up that was like someone breaking me user to user. I usually kick it to the users right side just a lil bit with kick off middle and raise the arrow a lil bit like a tap or two. He may get like 5 more yrds than usual but you get down field. I think it s all determined on whether you get blocked up. Just don t get stuck on someone. Not amazing fire tips but i think it s just basics. Keep up the nastiness. Props for using jets and tebow. I don t think i could do that. good for you.

  4. Its crazy how affective it is to come out of the play action and run with the QB when the D fence allows it to happen. More than most of the time it picks up a bunch of yards. Also just wanted to thank all the Admins and players for all the advice, feedback, and comments on the site its awesome. ADD me up!

  5. Add me IRageSoHard73! I want to be great at Madden like these guys and want to learn more so if you have tips or wanna play feel free to add me but I like how these guys play