Play: Snugs Flipped Wheel Switch

1) Steak B (Up on D-Pad, B, Up on Left Thumbstick)
2) Drag X (Up on D-Pad, X, Down on Right Thumbstick)

This play is an absolute pain to stop, especially when mixed in with other good plays in this set. The wheel route is unstoppable by almost any coverage in the game and must be guarded manually. That leaves the drag route open over the middle. Mix this in with other popular concepts/plays out of compressed sets and you have yourself a start to a very difficult scheme to stop.


  1. Nice man…I usually just motioned the wheel guy out and snapped. Never really changed any routes though. This gives me new options, thanks!

  2. FIASCO Great tip went against this last night. Nice to know what they were doing now. They put up over 700 yrds on my but i won by 30+ pts guess they didnt work on there DEF or there redzone offense. Put I would have to say good stuff man.