Although you can not playmaker a receiver to do a slant out / outside slant any more, there are a few stock plays in Madden 13 that have them. They are just as effective as Madden 12, if not better! You can find one in Shotgun Trips TE, Single Back Big, Shotgun 5 WR, Goal line, and also I Form Close. If I missed any, please let us know. Today we are going to breakdown Joe Gibbs Playbook, I Form Close – PA TE Leak

I Form Close – PA TE Leak (Joe Gibbs Playbook)

1. Put your outside right wr on a slant in
(Up on the Dpad + Receiver’s icon + left on the right analog stick)
2. Put your fullback on an out route
(Up on the Dpad + FB icon + right on the Dpad)

To cancel a play action mid play, hold the RT/R2 button

To quick audible to the run..
press X/Square + X/Square + down on the right analog stick

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