Un-slideable DT A Gap Heat out of 43 Over Plus!

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    • This blitz works 100% of the time. Firstly, it doesnt work in practice mode. Secondly, if you follow the steps in the video it will work. Finally, you can only manually control the SS or right CB

  1. I’m getting the mlb up the gap but the DT is getting blocked every time. I am not trying to offend you, just want to get this right and wondering if we are missing a step?

  2. This is what I’m doing, please tell me where I’ve gone wrong: ps3, rams vs seahawks in an offline one on one game. I subbed in Irvin at DT. Called mike seam 3…..shifted line left then lbs right, reblitzed left screen DT and left screen de…… then moved blitzing mlb down a hard, then u switched to the ss And snapped