This is Madden Daily’s second video in regards to our series “Road to the Top 100”. In this series we take our talents into ranked games and try to get into the top 100 leader board and stay there.

If anyone has any questions or suggestions comment below! Your feedback is appreciated.


    • We currently have 711 skill points. Our record is 34-8 but, unfortunately we had 4 disconnects :(. Between putting out tips,news, and playing the games its been time consuming. This road won’t be easy but Madden Daily will be there sooner then you think! -Fiasco

      • Well I’m sure we’re all looking forward to another road to top 100 soon! I recommend live commentary so we can see how you prepare for each play and really pick your guys’ brain so we can learn from the best… Just a thought.

  1. What I hate, even despise is the new set-up they have for on-line game searching. Last year they showed skill points while searching for games(ie. 100, 200, 300, and so on). This year they just match you with any one, and you cant see the persons record or skill points. I went through patch where I was losing 20+ points a game, and only winning 4-7 for a win. I fell out of the top 100 in a matter of days. That chit Sucks!

    • Yeah i know how you feel man. It does get annoying, you just have to trust EA is matching you with players near the same skill points as you. Sometimes it’s better to not know your opponents record though! Makes you take every game with the same mindset going in. Cuz if you play a player with a good record you might play a little more scared or tense. Or if you play a player with a bad record you might not take him seriously and do stupid stuff and boom you find yourself down early and having to fight back for no reason. -Fiasco