The roster update for the Upcoming Week 4 Season is available now on Xbox 360 and Ps3. Madden Daily has selected the top players that went up and down due to Week 3’s NFL games. Golden Tate received a 3 point boost for “the catch” he made to win against Green Bay. Many players from the Giants, after completely annihilating the Panthers, also went up significantly. Torrey Smith had a big game last week and earned a 3 point increase. His great effort on the field was that much more amazing because his brother died the night before in a motorcycle crash. Dan Carpenter went down 2 points for shanking 2 field goals against the Jets, and Philip Rivers dropped 2 points to 90 overall. Click here for all of the transactions and player ratings adjustments made for the Week 4 Season.

Madden Daily lists the key roster update changes for week 4 Madden 13