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In the first video we showed that 46 Normal Fire Zone 3 can be a very good pass D. However, there are some weaknesses to it.


– Flats are open unless making adjustments (We show you how to adjust to the flats in video #1)

– You can easily block the blitz by simply blocking a Running Back

– You can also slide protect the Offensive Line to the Right to Block it

– You are susceptible to a deep lob pass if facing a really fast WR and the blitz doesn’t come in

– You must make some adjustments to stop the run


In this tip video, we explain how to strengthen up your weaknesses by having a few more adjustments and blitz options in your arsenal.


Let’s First Explain How to Stop the Run

– Stopping the run should not be hard to do in 46 Normal. You have 8 guys in the box and the defense is symmetrical. However, when you show blitz, the linebackers are so close to the line that if your opponent can break to the sidelines then there is potential for a big run.

– All we have to do to stop the run is control the FS and then move either the Left of Screen OLB or SS to the Outside. This will give us much more insurance when containing the outside run. Instead of focusing on stopping the sideline run, we now have to guard the Off tackle run. 46 is meant to stop Off Tackle and we will have success. The video shows exactly how to move your defenders to easily destroy the run game.


Now Lets Talk About Improving Our Blitz

– We need Left Sided Heat to go along with the Right B Gap to keep our opponent guessing. We can not let them slide protect right every time. Also, we need Dual Sided Pressure so that even when our opponent blocks the Running Back, we still have someone coming in untouched. In this video tip, we show you how to do both.


Dual Sided Heat Setup:

1. Base Align

2. Show Blitz

3. Blitz Outside Left of Screen Linebacker

4. Control MLB and hold RT / R2 (This will activate the Fake Blitz. Watch the video to see exactly what happens when we do this.)


Both the Left of Screen LB and Right of Screen Def End will come in Free. This is a great blitz to throw in when your opponent least expects it. What’s great is it also works vs under center! You do not have to “Fake Blitz” with MLB but it definitely makes it more consistent.


Single Sided Left Outside Heat

1. Base Align

2. Show Blitz

3. Blitz Left of Screen OLB

4. Coverage Right of Screen OLB (We like to Flat him)

5. Fake Blitz with MLB buy holding RT / R2


This is a great blitz to mix in when either your opponent is sliding his Offensive Line to the right, or when you need more coverage on the right side but still want pressure