Let the new Madden Season begin! Yesterday EA Sports revealed an assortment of new information to the public regarding Madden 15. They also released an Official Gameplay video from E3; displaying the new defensive features implemented in Madden 15. The main features are multiple new camera angles (an angle specifically designed when on defense), a new defensive cone that will help strengthen open field tackling, multiple new pass rush tools which will now be executed by using the face buttons instead of the joystick, and also an overall better presentation during cut scenes, and pre game / half time shows.

Here we discuss our feedback on EA Sport’s E3 Gameplay Madden 15 video

Also, Operation Sports had a great interview with Rex Dickson, who is the Creative Director for Gameplay for Madden NFL 15. For the direct link of this interview Click Here


These are quick notes on what we learned and enjoyed from this interview:

  • Tackling System overhauled from the Ground Up
  • Manually Controlling a Defensive Lineman will be much more effective due to new pass rush controls and tools
  • ┬áNew Defensive Tackling Mechanic (Defensive Cone) to improve open field tackling
  • Coverage AI will play much more realistically then ever before. Players with high zone coverage will react much sharper and quicker than player with a sub par rating. Also having a high man coverage rating will really matter against certain routes
  • The strategic battle between jumping the snap and working the snap count
  • New Risk vs Reward Tackling which gives you the choice to make either an aggressive or conservative attempt at a tackle
  • All Defensive Cones will be the same size to prevent from making unrealistic tackles.
  • Hundreds of New Pass Rushing Animations to help you get to the QB
  • Mini Games are Back! We are desperately hoping Rushing Attack makes it’s way back to Madden
  • You can no longer make every pass with inaccurate Quarterbacks. Pocket Passers will have much higher accuracy than mobile QB’s. However, throwing on the run is now much more effective
  • New Pre Play Defensive Adjustments! – You can finally smart route a defensive zone to play the first down marker. We can now adjust coverage technique, and they improved QB contains
  • Improved Kick Meter. You can no longer kick 50 yard field goals with ease.
  • New Audible System. There will be a delay when hot routing and audibling. This is said to prevent quick hikers from making several pre snap adjustments before the defense can set up.


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