This week we will be showing how to Create Illegal Formation is Madden 15 (Getting 5 WRs on One Side of the Field + more.) We show and break down what we feel like is the best run in Madden 15 (HB Counter on STEROIDS.) We also break down a go to money play that both Stiff and Rich use heavily in there offense from the Philadelphia Offensive Playbook. Enjoy!


1. Creating Illegal Formations in Madden 15 Week Trial + Premium

2. Best HB Counter in Madden 15 using the Illegal Formation (Route Pulling) ConceptWeek Trial + Premium

3. Gun Tackle Over – Sprintout Smash (Eagles Off Playbook Money Play) Week Trial + Premium


  1. hi, i am very interested in joining. could you please shoot me an email? I have a few questions before-hand if you could do so.
    thanks, kev

    • Chris, it shows you have access to our Week Free Trial Membership w/ the username killachris3030. Make sure you are logged into that username.

  2. Just wanna say, been labbing this technique on the 360, and it works. Used Gun Bunch, subbed out WR 2 for TE 2 and WR 3 for WR 2. Out of a slot strong package. Gave me my TE 1, WR 1 and 2 in a bunch with an isolated TE 2 split out. I motioned TE 2 into the bunch This set up me to run HB Sweep to the glitched bunch. Did this a few times in the first half against an opponent. Game was tied 17 all with 3 mins left in the 4th. Milked some clock then ran a read option out of this set up. Leaving my QB ( David Carr) wide open on the read. Scored to win 24-17 against the Cowboys. Would have loved to have used a HB counter play, but don’t have one in that set. So I improvised with a read