This week we are showing you 3 New Glitchy Concepts that will significantly improve your Offensive Game no matter what playbook you use! To go along with those 3 tips, we also added another pass play from Trips Tight End Formation in Carolina’s Offensive Book. It’s all about Offense this week; nothing but quality tips again from Madden Daily! Enjoy!!


1. Smoke Screen Glitch to Beat Almost Every Coverage! Week Free Trial and Premium

2. Best Way to JetPack User Catch in Madden 15 Premium ONLY

3. PA End Around Glitch to Keep the Defense Honest–  Premium ONLY

4. Bonus Carolina Offensive Ebook Tip – Gun Trips TE – FloodWeek Free Trial and Premium


  1. it was announced a month ago he`s perfectly within his right to ask the question, he paid money and as a consumer its a valid question

  2. Wanna update? 43 under any play / base align, show blitz, crash dline down, reblitz fs (left side) and move down to the line of scrimmage about 4 years to the left of DE, user mlb, sack the qb, shut up

    • Hey ulboogey, we responded to your support ticket w/ the necessary info. Please respond to the support ticket when you get the chance. Thanks and Enjoy!