The way to play Madden 15 on Offense is starting to evolve.. and this week we show you exactly what we are talking about! We explore what we broke down last week (Glitching on Offense) but in deeper detail. We continue the chess match and fully explain why the PA End Around is really that effective (even when your opponent knows it’s coming!). We also broke down a few plays from the Eagles Offensive Playbook this week as well!

Next week we are going to go even further and finish up Part 2 of the New Way to Scheme in Madden 15! Enjoy this weeks tips! You also want to make sure you do not miss out on next week’s tips!


1. The New Way to Scheme Part 1 Premium ONLY

2. Additional Plays that fit the scheme – ex: Singleback Bunch – Premium ONLY 

3. Shotgun Trio Offset – PA Slots Over Money PlayWeek Free Trial and Premium

4. Shotgun Trio Offset – Running Effectively from this FormationWeek Free Trial and Premium


  1. A lot of these offensive and defensive plays are in the Bears offense and defense playbook. I find its a good balance between all of this. You just gotta add and drop certain plays and formations in order to get it right. But I have found it pretty good.