We’re continuing from our last week’s tips with “The New Way to Scheme in Madden 15 Part 2”. Last week we stressed the importance of using PA End Around in your scheme. This week we show how you can incorporate the same strategy with other plays other than PA End Around. We first show an example of what you need in order to perform this concept, and then after break down a Scheme from Singleback Ace revolving around “The New Way to Scheme.” (This will go up in next week’s tips.) Finally we broke down 2 New Defensive Schemes, the Nickel 335 Normal Shake, and a DT A Gap Blitz from 43 Over!


1. The New Way to Scheme in Madden 15 Part 2 – PREMIUM ONLY

2. Nickel 335 Normal Shake Defensive Scheme – PREMIUM ONLY

3. Creating 34 Even Style  DT A Gap Blitz out of 43 Over! – PREMIUM ONLY


Attention: Litezout’s computer crashed 2 days ago. These 2 videos were supposed to go up for this week but will now be up next week to go with a gameplay from this scheme!

– Singleback Ace Scheme – Part 1 – Will Be Up for Next Week’s Tips

–  Singleback Ace Scheme – Part 2 – Will Be Up for Next Week’s Tips


  1. 43 Over Defense is up! Also I should be getting my computer back later today from Apple hopefully. As soon as I do, we will put the remaining videos into the Vikings Ebook. We’re going to include the 2 Singleback Ace videos as an addition to next week’s tips.

  2. Thanks madden daily for going beyond the call of duty in keeping your community on top of the latest madden trends. By the way when is the gentleman discussing rocket theory coming back? Thanks

  3. How do I get to the 3-4 cross fire blitz rich says was covered on here. I can’t find it. He said that blitz and takin online by storm and would like to add it to my defense. Help me out guys. Almost top 100 and it’s all because of you guys.

  4. You guys are the best in the business! Both e-books are great! The scheme and gameplay videos at the end of the Carolina playbook wrap everything up nicely!