Madden 16 Bengals Defensive Ebook PAGE (BRAND NEW – EVERYTHING WORKS POST PATCH)

Welcome to Our Brand New Madden 16 Cincinnati Bengals ” HELL IN A CELL “ Defensive Guide. We feel confident that this is not only our Best Ebook so far for Madden 16, but it is arguably our Best Defensive Ebook that Madden Daily has ever put out. We created By Far Some of the BEST DEFENSES IN MADDEN 16 Post Patch! We literally have every single thing that you would need in a Defense covered in this guide. We broke down 7 Formations and made 34 HD Defensive Videos so far. This is only Phase 1 of our Defensive Guide. It will be updated every week for the next month with Phase 2, Phase 3, and Phase 4. 



This Ebook is Going To Give You..

  1. Run Defenses to not only absolutely Lock Down Inside Zone & Shotgun Runs, but you will Destroy someone that tries to run a FB Dive and HB Toss Scheme
  2. Defense to DESTROY Four Verticals 
  3. Defense to DESTROY Sideline Floods (Corner Flat Streak Combos)
  4. Defense to Stop Drag Routes
  5. Defensive Tackle A Gap Blitzes that Come in Against Running Back Blocking 
  6. Defensive End and Dual Defensive End B Gap Nano Like Pressure
  7. Extremely Fast Defensive End A Gap Heat while also demolishing the running game at the same time
  8. Numerous amount of Un Slideable blitzes. Blocking a Running Back + Slide Protecting will not be the answer against multiple defenses in this guide.
  9. We have an Unblockable / Unslideable blitz !
  10. Blitzes that only send 3 and 4 rushers but can’t be blocked by running back blocking.
  11. Death to Under Center Passing
  12. 4 Man Rush that Gets 2 Free Rushers coming in Free and it is Un Slideable! You need to block 7 in order to stop this 4 Man Rush.
  13. Defense to DESTROY QB SNEAK
  14. Defense to Lock Up PA Shot Wheel from Gun Trips TE



Formations Covered Inside the Guide

43 Stack,  43 Under, 46 Normal, Quarter Normal, Nickel 335, Nickel Double A Gap, Dime Normal



The Hell In A Cell Ebook Guide – Formation And Play Listing  **( Links To Vids SHOULD NOW BE CLICKABLE BELOW )**

PHASE 1 – 

  1. 43 Stack – Intro and Run Defense
  2. 43 Stack – Non Base Align Coverage Defense (Kills Four Verticals, Sidelines Floods, Drags, etc.)
  3. 43 Stack – Base Align Blitz Defense (Dual Sided Heat. Must block 7 to stop)
  4. 43 Stack – Base Align Blitz Adjustments
  5. 43 Stack – Non Base Align Defensive Tackle A Gap Blitz Defense
  6. 43 Stack – Summary and Spark Notes Version
  7. 43 Under – Defensive End B Gap Scheme (extremely hard to block)
  8. 43 Under Flipped – 3 Man Blitz (Un-slideable and can’t be blocked undercenter)
  9. 43 Under Flipped – Dual Sided 4 Man Blitz (un-slideable & must block 7)
  10. 43 Under Flipped – Our Base Scheme (Fiasco)
  11. 43 Under Flipped – Additional Cycle Setup for Base (Litez)
  12. 46 Normal – DT A Gap Scheme (comes in against Running Back Block)
  13. Quarter Normal – Outside Blitz Scheme
  14. Quarter Normal – Explosive Defensive End A Gap Scheme
  15. Quarter Normal – How to Lock Down Shotgun Trips TE – PA Slot Wheel!
  16. Nickel 335 Normal – Locking Up the FB Dive / Toss Combo
  17. Nickel 335 Normal – Locking Up the Inside Run Game from Shotgun and Single back
  18. Nickel Double A Gap – Base Align Man Scheme
  19. Nickel Double A Gap – Base Align Zone Scheme
  20. Nickel Double A Gap – Press Man Scheme – (Best New Way to Run the Popular Mid Blitz)
  21. Nickel Double A Gap – Press Zone Scheme (Great Disguise)
  22. Nickel Double A Gap – Nickel Overload 3 ( Un Blockable Blitz)
  23. Dime Normal – 4 Man Defensive Tackle A Gap Blitz
  24. Dime Normal – 3 Man Left Outside Blitz
  25. Dime Normal – Putting the Scheme Together
  26. Dime Normal – Additional DT A Gap Blitz Adjustment
  27. Dime Normal – QB Sneak Defense
  28. 46 Normal Show Blitz – Play Action Defense
  29. 46 Normal Show Blitz – Red Zone Defense
  30. 46 Normal Show Blitz – QB Sneak Defense
  31. Nickel 335 Show Blitz – Crash 2
  32. Nickel 335 Show Blitz – Cover 2 Man
  33. Nickel 335 Show Blitz – SS Mike Cross
  34. Dime Normal Show Blitz – Left Outside Heat


Phase 2 – 




35. Nickel 335 – LB Cross 3   (NEW AS PER MARCH 24th)

36. Nickel 335 – Cov 1 LB Cross (NEW AS PER MARCH 24th)

37. Dime Normal – Fox FZ Press (NEW AS PER MARCH 24th)