Madden 16 Cardinals Offensive Ebook – 2 Tight Ends / 2 WRs / 1 Running Back

This is the scheme we are going to go to when we need to slow down the game and when we get in short down situations. The Inside Zone from Gun Ace Twins Offset is arguably the best Inside Zone in the game. This is because you can go right up the middle, to the Left C Gap, Left Outside, or even cut back to the right. You are going to need some really stout run d to stop this run. If your opponent does have Inside Zone Defense, don’t worry because we show you that the 01 trap from this formation will carve up that Inside Zone Defense. As far as a passing play, we will be using the play Posts. There are two main ways we like to use this play and both are very simple. Against zone, we are looking for the left side flood and specifically the left corner route. The angle route to our running back is a good check down quick read as well. Against man we have the Post Route and the Corner to the Tight End. On short down situations, feel free to drag/slant/ or in route the right tight end with the Flat/ Post / Corner combo on the left. He will get open nicely against zone. If opponent manually guards him, we can hit the running back.


Gun Ace Twins Offset РPosts Breakdown 

Gun Ace Twins Offset – 01 Trap (if opponent has Inside Zone Defense)