Madden 16 Cardinals Offensive Ebook – 4 WR / 1 Running Back

Our 4 Wide Receiver Scheme is designed to score quickly before the end of the half or end of game. It is also designed to be used if you get down by more than 1 or 2 scores and there is no point of running anymore. That is the only nack with this scheme is the lack of running plays. You can mix in some HB Draws but those runs are not ground breaking by any means.


The main 3 plays we like to come out in is Gun Flip Trips Deep Fork, Gun Snugs Zona Posts, and Gun Snugs Zona Z Spot. The main 3 plays we like to audible to is Gun Snugs Zona Seams, Four Verticals from the Gun Trips wk formation, and the play action play in Gun Snugs PA Zona Cross. This playaction in Gun Snugs absolutely destroys Cover 2 Zone on the right side to that In and Out Corner Route. Four Verticals is also a nice play to audible to from Snugs since we are going from a Compressed formation to a Spread Formation and attacking vertically. We do not make any adjustments to either of these plays. Finally, we love the fact that Gun Snugs Zona Seams is a quick audible. We feel like we can do so much with this play and is one of our favorite plays to utilize the Running Back Playmaker feature.


Gun Flip Trips – Deep Fork

Gun Snugs – Zona Seams

Gun Snugs – Zona Post

Gun Snugs – Zona Z Spot