Whats up everyone! We are finally back to posting tips for our membership section. EA Access has given us the opportunity to get a head start before official launch date, so we thought we had to share some things with you,

The approach we wanted to take for this first week was to give you MUST know material for Day 1 Madden. This includes the best possible run D for right now, routes that we feel are necessary to include in your scheme, a run to make sure you have in your scheme, and some passing schemes to look for when creating your Day 1 scheme.

We are going to be using all of the stuff we covered this week as we continue to scheme and master the game. We feel like this is the perfect start because all of these tips will put you at an advantage right from the first game you play. Much much much more to come in the coming weeks in terms of content for membership and guides. We are just getting started.

Happy Maddenoliday!


  1. Effectiveness of Posts  (Premium + Free Trial)
  2. Speed Routes “Quickie Routes” (Premium Only)
  3. New Unbumpable Man Beaters (Premium Only)
  4. Best Run in the Game (Premium Only + Free Trial)
  5. Best Run D in Game (Premium Only)
  6. Bubble Screens are back! (Premium Only)


  1. Fly, they dont usually release ebooks super early. Takes time to find everything that works, then put it all together into the best of the best schemes.

  2. Hey what are the best offense and defensive play books you guys seen thus far? And which one has most of the plays you guys were going over in these tips ?

  3. I’ve been trying to get my password reset and have not received any emails. I’ve also filled out a couple of trouble tickets. Would like to access the content. Please help

  4. Just please don’t make us wait an entire month before you drop some tips.

    It was October last year before we relcieved anything useful.

  5. Not a single word I said was disrespectful to these guys at Madden Daily. It is completely reasonable to ask for a tip and not have it take a month.

  6. Any specific help on the Gauntlet, MUT focus? Most of you guys are online players, I pretty much like to play the computer, any specific help that way would be greatly appreciated as well

  7. I’m currently not a premium member and I want the Philly guide , if I become a member would I get the guide for half off ? Thanks Will