In this week’s tips, Rich is going to be breaking down 6 videos of blitzes and coverage D’s on how he likes to use the 43 Under Formation. 43 Under is not only found in the Raiders Defensive Playbook (what we did our gameplan on) but it also is found in every 43 Defensive Team’s playbooks. It is a very good Base Defense and Blitz Defense to use as there are a lot of different ways to blitz from it.

  1. 43 Under – Left Edge Blitz (A Top Blitz Defense Right Now imo)PREMIUM ONLY
  2. 43 Under – Right Edge Blitz WEEK TRIAL + PREMIUM
  3. 43 Under – Will Go Fire 3 Easy Blitz Setup PREMUM ONLY
  4. 43 Under – Free Fire – Left B Gap Setup PREMIUM ONLY
  5. 43 Under – Free Fire 6 MAN SETUP (extremely hard to block) PREMIUM ONLY
  6. 43 Under РCoverage D Setups PREMIUM ONLY