This week we are breaking down the 52 Normal Defensive Formation. This Defense is found in the Panthers, Lions, and Giants playbooks. If you get these books in Draft Champions then this is a must formation to go to. We also advise you mixing this Defense into your Head 2 Head and MUT/Salary Cap Games. We feel like 52 has the potential to be 1 of the Best New Defenses for Madden 17. Any time where you can send Cover 2 Zone and stop the run plus have unblockable and unslideable heat with it at the same time, then you are bound for success! We also break down our favorite Red Zone Pass Defense from 34 Odd. ENJOY!


  1. 52 Normal РLeft Side Blitz WEEK TRIAL + PREMIUM 
  2. 52 Normal – Right Side BlitzPREMIUM ONLY
  3. 52 Normal – Dual Side Blitz PREMIUM ONLY
  4. 52 Normal – Advanced Blitz Scheme (FIRE!) PREMIUM ONLY
  5. 34 Odd Red Zone Pass Defensive SchemePREMIUM ONLY 


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