Gun Bunch TE is 1 of the Best Offensive Formations in Madden 17. It is a formation that Litez has been using lately on his Youtube Videos and what he ran during the NJ Tournament that he almost won (came in final 4.) This formation is found in the Colts and Browns playbooks. If you mix this formation in with the Gun Bunch Wk formation you will have 1 of the hardest formations to stop! We also show you a User Turbo Rush that gets a Perfect Rush on the Snap. It is a great method and concept to use. We hope you Enjoy this Week’s Tips!


** PS, Litezout was on NFL Network this Weekend on the Show “Madden America”. Thank you to everyone that watched. If you missed it, you can watch it here on ->¬†


  1. Gun Bunch TE – PA All Cross (Best Passing Play in Madden?)PREMIUM ONLY
  2. Gun Bunch TE – TE Corner PREMIUM ONLY
  3. Gun Bunch TE – Inside Switch PREMIUM ONLY
  4. Gun Bunch TE – Curl Flat Corner WEEK FREE TRIAL + PREMIUM
  5. How to do the Perfect Snap User Turbo Rush with the Defensive Line WEEK TRIAL + PREMIUM