We are hitting you guys with some fuego this week in our Membership Tips for Week 2. We show you how to lock down the Best Run in the game (Stretch Runs) and show you how to Stop the Best Passing Route in the game (Posts). We also break down a really great Dime Normal Blitzing Scheme to get you started with some early Madden 17 heat. 6 videos total for this week with 2 being Free for Week Trial Members!

Stay tuned for our Brand New Madden 17 Defensive Gameplan dropping very soon (hopefully next week.) We have so much good content and blitzes/coverage/run D that we can’t wait to show you. This Defensive Guide will be bar none better than anything out right now and we are very excited to share with you.

Also, we released our 1st Madden 17 Offensive Guide/Gameplan from the Eagles Offensive Playbook. That is available on http://maddenpros.com . We are working with Muthead and Twitch to create the Best possible way of showcasing our New Ebooks/gameplans. If you are a Premium Member and want a 50% off Code for 1 of these guides, send a support ticket if you haven’t already and we will reply with a Code.

Enjoy this weeks tips!


  1. How to Stop Post Routes in Madden 17 PREMIUM & Week Trial
  2. How to Stop Stretch Runs in Madden 17 PREMIUM ONLY
  3. Dime Normal Defensive Scheme pt 1  (Cat Blitz 3) – PREMIUM & Week Trial
  4. Dime Normal Defensive Scheme pt 2 ( Dime Blitz 2 & Fox Fire Zone Press) – PREMIUM ONLY
  5. Dime Normal Defensive Scheme pt 3 – (DB Blitz & 3 Double Sky) – PREMIUM ONLY
  6. Dime Normal Defensive Scheme pt 4 – (Any Play) – PREMIUM ONLY



  1. I paid for the offense use it playing head to head I lost the game 31 to 38 in overtime…I ran the offense just as you did in the video and I only play with the bears worked great. But I gave up as many points NO DEFENSE..is the D playbook half off as well? Can the same code be used?


    • The defensive gameplan is well worth it! I get atleast 1 to 2 stops per game every game using the exact defenses inside the Raiders Defensive Gameplan. As far as the 50% off, Unfortunately the same code can not be used. We are trying to get another discount for our 3rd guide but for now we are only offering 1 50% code for each member.