This week we are showing a ton of concepts that are either trending in the Madden Community or will be soon be because of these tips this week. We show how to do the Deep Bomb Glitch and then show ways on how to stop it. We also show how to stop Corner Routes, C Routes, and Wheel Routes with a very simple coverage adjustment. Finally, we show how effective Wheel Routes are out of the backfield on Play Action plays.

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  1. Effectiveness of Wheel Routes to Runningbacks / Fullbacks / Wing Backs in Madden 17 PREMIUM ONLY 
  2. Deep Bomb Glitch in Madden 17 PREMIUM ONLY
  3. How to Stop the Deep Bomb Glitch in Madden 17 PREMIUM ONLY
  4. How to Stop C Routes, Corner Routes, and Wheel Routes in Madden 17 Week Trial + PREMIUM




  1. I can’t seem to get the deep bomb glitch to work for me consistently is it really as simple as using a fade route, waiting to the WR to get even with the CB and then using a touch pass?