This week in our Membership Tips, we are covering a route that needs to be added to your Offense no matter what Playbook you are in. We also breakdown a cool Run and Pass WildCat Offense from the Browns playbook that is very effective. Having trouble figuring out what defense to go to at the end of half or end of game to prevent a field goal? Well we break down what we go to in these situations. Finally, we break down a nice motion speed out from the Patriots Offensive Playbook.


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  1. New Motion Speed Outs (Pats Offensive Gameplan Preview) Week Trial + PREMIUM
  2. Effectiveness of Long Corner Routes in Madden 17 PREMIUM ONLY
  3. New WildCat Offensive Scheme PREMIUM ONLY
  4. Situational Defense at End of Game / End of Half to Prevent FieldGoalsPREMIUM ONLY