Shotgun Bunch Str Y Trail Madden 25

Everyone welcome Joke to our Madden Daily Staff! This is Joke’s first tip for Madden Daily but he has been around the Tournament Madden scene for a long time! He broke down the Shotgun Bunch Str Formation from the Green Bay Offensive Playbook. This is also found in the 49er’s playbook. This play is  a great Man and zone beater that only requires one adjustment. Stay tuned for more tips from Joke this Madden 25 Season!



1. Put your RB on a Wheel Route (Up on Dpad + Receiver Icon + Up on Right Stick)



1. Wheel Route (Will get Wide Open vs Man due to there being 4 guys on right side)

2. Angle and Drag Route

3. Corner Route on Right Side

4. Post Route on Left Side