madden 25 - goaline 533 - Flat buzz


Here is a sample play from our defensive ebook that is coming soon. The play is called Flat Buzz out of the Goaline 533 formation.

We love this play as a pass defense on 3rd downs because it is the easiest and fastest blitz to call to get 2 linebackers free. All you have to do is crash the defensive line out and put the middle DT in coverage. We advise you to put your fastest defensive end at the DT #1 position. That way he has the necessary speed if we want to man him up on the tight end, running back or slot receiver.

You can make a lot of adjustments out of this defense and get away with it because of the simple setup and intense pressure. We don’t always blitz off both sides and sometimes play max coverage out of it. Overall this is a great defensive play to call when you feel like applying the pressure on your opponent and forcing him to make the right read quickly.


Our Madden 25 Defensive EBook is coming Soon!



  1. love this play. If you pair it up with the Sam Blitz (pinch the dline and re-blitz the DT) then you can get similar plays, quick pressure off man & zone looks. Plus, you can zone or man guys up fairly quickly and sub in a variety of players (i.e. LBs for DEs) and get a pretty good coverage package. Stops the run pretty well also with such a wide front. Thanks! Looking forward to the e-guide.