Both of our Madden 25 ebooks, Multiple Defensive and Kansas City Chiefs Offensive, are now on sale for the Holiday Season. They were priced at $19.99 and are now 50% off. Buy now for $9.99! Also, make sure you read some of our customer’s testimonials below before purchasing. 


“It has everything you look for in a D ebook.  Run D, 4th and 1 D, coverage D’s with decent pressure, fast 5 man blitzes with good coverage behind it, extremely fast 6 man blitzes with decent coverage behind it.  The intro video is also very informative as it explains all of the different coverage adjustments you can do.  All of the setups are simple to set up and with a little practice I was able to get the setups down within a day or 2.  I give it 2 thumbs way up!!”


“You just don’t give a bunch of random  base plays, blitzes, or coverages. Instead, you explain why the play works, and give you different coverage adjustments based on the routes your opponent is using. You break everything down and make the purchaser of your guide a better all around player because you equip him/her with knowledge. You don’t get that with a lot of other eguides. Sure,the other guides may give you a grt8 run stopper or blitz, but if  u don’t know the concept behind the play you just become a systematic player that wont know how to adjust.”


“Ive breaking it down since i got it and you were rt. I have been as high as 33 overall an im top 100 on ps3 but the 43 stack cover 3 cloud concept is worth the book alone. What you teach with the delayed bump and freezing the center and guards gave me endless ideas for max coverage. The 4th and goal defense is great i kept getting power o’d when i set up the sneak d. You guys always give players a foundation with concepts not just plays and that is worth more than $20 thanks guys”


“This ebook is outstanding. The breakdowns are of when and where and how to run each formation is the best I’ve seen”


“Great job guys especially the partial offensive line staying home as well as the broken zone it really sheds new light on what to look for in a play and how to set it up …keep up the hard work it definitely payed off”


“This book is LEGIT. Not a bunch of BS blitzes . Great run D, coverage D, and heat. Won a tourney using this D. Fellas don’t sleep, if you wanna get stops and get better GRAB this!!”


“Best ebook by far…. You can take the concepts they use here and apply it to any d book or base d.”


“Best D ebook I ever bought. The intro video is pure gold. Definitely worth the purchase”


“Love the ebook with the intro & he dumb it down section I been locking people up, y’all definitely put the work in on this one”


“I buy just about every Madden EBook that comes out (I just like to collect them). I can honestly say that MaddenDaily is setting the bar when it comes to Madden Ebooks. You wont become unbeatable by purchasing this guide or anyone else’s. However, MaddenDaily’s guides will DEFINITELY make you a better player if you apply the concepts. Can’t say that for some other ebooks.”


“I’ve bought many ebooks over the years and this one is definitely near the top of the list. Defense in M25 is so difficult. I learned more in the introductory video of this ebook than I have any other resource out there for Madden 25 this whole year! Great book! Worth the $20. I put the QB sneak stopper play to work right away online and stuffed my opponent on 3rd and 4th down from my own 1 yard line. Thanks again”