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Our Madden 25 Kansas City Arrow Head Offensive Ebook is Officially Out! We cover 40+ plays with written breakdowns, screenshots, and multimedia videos. We also breakdown 3 different schemes for this playbook. Fiasco’s Online Scheme without audibles, Litezout’s Online scheme with audibles, and our Tournament tested Offline Tourney Scheme. Fiasco was the runner up of the biggest tournament of the year so far, and he did not get stopped at all using this exact scheme!




Here are the Formations that we broke down: (14 Total)


1. Singleback Y Trips

2. Shotgun Y Trips Wk

3. Shotgun Y Trips (Hidden Formation)

4. Shotgun Doubles Weak

5. Shotgun Empty Chief

6. Singleback Chiefs Doubles

7. Shotgun Normal Y Slot

8. Shotgun Bunch Wk

9. Shotgun Bunch Wk Empty (Hidden Formation)

10. Shotgun Trey Open

11. Shotgun Empty Trey

12. Shotgun Bunch Quads

13. I Form Tight Pair

14. Wild Cat


The 3-1-1 personnel fits pretty much every single team in the NFL. The amazing thing about Kansas City’s playbook is that they have the best playbook for this specific personnel. When coming out in any 3-1-1 formation, you literally can audible to 11 different formations! This includes 2 singleback sets, 2 pistol sets, and 7 Shotgun. Not only that, but every single formation is unique from another. When giving the opportunity to also add 4 different quick audibles to each one of these formations, we now have an unstoppable offense with over 40+ plays that we can run.

If you guys enjoyed our GreenBay Offensive and Chicago Defensive EBook last year, YOU GUYS ARE GOING TO LOVE THIS EBOOK!


    • Thanks Will. We put a lot of time into it as you can tell. With more reps you’ll love it even more. The results have already spoken for themselves. Appreciate the feedback.

  1. Hey fellas it’s Suave. You know I had to grab this from you guys because I know the level of quality that goes into any product you release. I’ll post my full thoughts on it once I’ve had time to go through the entire thing.

  2. Yeah I purchased as well…. Historically good quality..I always purchase even if I don’t use everything..it’s good for the conceptual aspect as well as to see what many ppl r running…..HOWEVER!! When r u dropping done D?!?

  3. Hi I purchased this Ebook as well. I just have one problem. For the life of me I cant find the Gun Y Trips PA Double Hook formation in the Chiefs playbook. What is the exact name for that formation? Let me know. Thanks

      • If you are looking for it in the KC Playbook (No Custom Audibles), It will be found in the Shotgun Y Trips Wk Formation. If you are looking for it in a Custom KC playbook, it will be found in its own formation. It’s one of the last formations on the bottom in the play called screen. I believe it’s titled as just Shotgun Y Trips. You can not set audibles for these 3 plays when creating your custom playbook because for some reason they are not there since its a hidden set. But when you finish creating your custom playbook and go into Practice Mode or in a a game, the QB Power will be an automatic quick audible for the formation. So you can come out in PA Double Hook and then audible to QB Power. Hope that helped

    • Unfortunately no. I believe there is a way to get our ebooks to show on mobile devices but we have not yet fully figured it out. For now only Windows and Mac PC’s/Laptops. No Ipads or Mobile Devices

  4. Hi, I purchased your ebook (great stuff by the way) and opened in on my work computer. Now I cannot open it on my computer at home. Is there a way around this. I just wanted to check it out at work since I bought it during the middle of the day but I want to use it while I am at home.

    Let me know.


    • It should have been automatically sent to you. Let me know if your still having this issue, ill take care of it right away.

  5. No surprise. ….10/10!!! Thanks guys for another top notch product . Let’s get that defensive guide out and I will be set for the year.

  6. Great Ebook got it right away love the online scheme some many choices in plays all work great. will post another comment after a few games thanks guys!

  7. I’ve known Litez since he released his first ever guide back in Madden 11 (Run Heavy Playbook) and to this day, it’s still the best product I’ve ever purchased. But this right here is a very close 2nd. These guys pour their heart and souls in to making the best guides that they can. If they were in it for the just the money they would’ve released this the week the game launched. Instead, they waited until after the 1st tourney of the year to make sure everything was tournament tested for us. Not only do they give us 40+ plays at our disposal, but they show how to string them together into multiple schemes. I even had the chance to play against Fiasco running his no audible scheme. Even though I knew what was coming most of the time, It was still hard trying to slow him down throughout the game. That’s when you know something is GREAT. If you’re serious about getting better, regardless of what level of player you are, then look no further than this ebook.

  8. I cant seem to purchase this ebook, Ive been everywhere on this site and everyplace advertising the ebook has no type of paypal link or way to purchase the book…..what am I missing, Ive checked my pop up blockers etc, where is your paypal link??????