Joke is back with another defensive tip. This one is more of a unique look as it gets fast pressure from our untouched right defensive end, and B Gap heat from the Nickel Back. The defense is also very flexible when playing max coverage or only sending off the left / right side. Enjoy the video and stay tuned for more Madden 25 Defensive Tips! Our Madden 25 Defensive Ebook is Coming Soon!



  1. wow love the site visit often and I hate to hate but dude has to slow down and break down the play a bit. fiasco show him how its done. great play but awful break down. trying to be constructive keep’em coming.

    • Joke has been getting better with each video so I’m sure he will continue to improve because he wants to provide great content. Sometimes when I want to have a laugh I look at my first videos because they are so different lol. Thanks for the feedback. -fiasco

  2. Is that defensive ebook almost done yet? Lol can’t wait for this one to come out after using the Chicago defense last year, the content was great