Shotgun Empty Wing Trio - Four VerticalsGreen Bay was already one of the best formations last year; but in Madden 25 they added two new and really nice Shotgun Sets. The formation that we are looking at in this tip is Shotgun Empty Wing Trio. This is a formation that we feel you can use the entire game and not get stopped! It’s great against both man and zone coverage due to there being 4 targets (3 receivers & a wing back) on the right side.

In this tip we are looking at the play Four Verticals. By putting the Wing Back on a wheel route, he will be open against basically every stock man coverage. Also, having the ability to user catch Comeback routes on either side will open up the vertical routes in this play.  The two inside receivers on the right are great options against zone coverage.

Don’t forget to mix in the QB Draw out of this formation as well!


  1. I’ve found the singleback bunch play verticals/seattle to be super effective against just about anything (vs CPU). If they play press, look for the streak on the left – if it’s cover 2, you can throw to him once he passes the light blue. If it’s anything off, you an throw to the angle routes for the TE and outside WR. If they decide to blitz then you can hit the X WR going across the deep middle. It’s almost unstoppable. If you need to keep the left zone down, just leak the RB out into the flat.