Madden 25 out routes

Smart Routed Out Routes were extremely potent in Madden 13 but they are actually better this year! In Madden 25, almost every single defense can not stop this route. Adjustments that worked last year to stop the smart routed out route do not work anymore.

Don’t worry though, we’ve got it taken care of for you. We posted all of the ways that can effectively stop what is arguably the best route in Madden 25.





  1. Thank you! I’ve been getting so annoyed with MUT players using out routes to get 35 second TD drives in the 4th. Hopefully this will help. Looking forward to giving it a try.

  2. I have found that it is also possible to stop those with D-Line (or LBs in an LB Pass Rush Scheme) Purple Zones…They work every time and sometimes the Defensive Lineman makes the pick