madden 25 power O

In todays tip, Fiasco is breaking down the I Form Normal formation out of Kansas City’s Offensive playbook. The reason why we like I Form Normal is because it is a balanced set with 2 Wr’s on the outsides, but also 2 running backs. When running the ball, we like to use the HB Power O run play. This is a good run that you can either take up the middle or break the run to the outside. If you notice that your opponent starts selling out on the run with one of his safeties, we are going to make him pay by audibling to a play action play and hit one of our WR’s deep. PA FL Hitch is a great compliment to the Power O because the full back looks like he is blocking at first when in reality he is on a fade route.

By having the ability to throw a deep lob streak to one of our WR’s on the outsides, this avoids our opponent from running down with his safety. If he doesn’t over commit on the run, we will gladly take 4-5 yards every time. If he starts playing a linebacker, you will be able to run the ball at will. Pretty much if he contains the outside we cut the run back to the middle, and if he tries to shoot a gap in the middle, we break the run wide.



  1. This is definitely a simple, but quite effective tactic. Played a couple games vs Fiasco and he popped me a with it few times lol

  2. The problem I have is that if you come out in this formation, people will play the run first. If they stack the box and bring the safety down on the strong side, then the run fails. Thus, I believe you have to prove you can pass out of it to back guys off the LOS. The PA won’t work until you’ve proven you can run out of it, which you can’t do until you pass out of it! 🙂

    I’d like to see some solid passing plays work well that will set up capability to run.

    I don’t believe there’s much of a chance of a backside run and if the line shifts right and crashes right and the linebackers are moved right and safety is user’d then you’re looking at negative runs or 1-3 yards which isn’t enough to keep running.

    • That’s not true at all. You cant stack the box against I form normal because of the play action play. Like you said, if they stack the box pass the ball and get them out of it.
      If the defense shifts to the right with all their players then obviously you wouldn’t run the ball to the right. You can quickly play maker the run to the left.
      This isn’t a formation intended to stay in all game, rather something to run in favorable situations for the offense by keeping the defense off balance. I have never run this run for a negative gain once. Worst case is you read the blocking wrong and get stopped for 1 yard gain.

      • Understand, I’m not saying this is a bad play or there was anything wrong with what you said. Only that you have to prove you can pass out of it. Having said that you have to show you can pass out of it, I was asking you for some good passing plays from it.

        I say this because the guy I play all the time knows I want to run first – thus – he sees 2Wr set he’s coming out in something like 5-2, 4-4, etc. And he’s going to bring the safeties down a bit and slide the line in the direction he believes I’m running.

        Running a Power O to the offside hasn’t yielded me many positive yards, so what I want is to run it with my best blocking direction (unless you have a solid recommendation for weak side run blocking.

        I tried the run out of this for my first possession in the 3rd qtr. I’d been running out of Ace Big, so when I come out and he sees i-form, he’s in 5-2 with the LBs shifted over to my strong side. It’s a pass look for sure, but I wanted to see how the blocking would hold up – and it didn’t. Again – I should have checked out to a pass and normally would, but I don’t play out of this formation so was just asking what would be good plays. I don’t believe the PA is going to help me because I haven’t established anything (run or pass) out of this formation yet – but that’s another question for you (if you can answer). Is PA as effective the first time you run a play from a formation as if you’ve run a bunch from it with both pass & run (or heavy in one or the other).

        I love your videos, comments, gameplay, etc. and didn’t mean to imply anything other than I’d like some more help.

        • When I played him I was coming out in Big Nickel Bear (8 in the box/symmetrical) and although I was able to keep the run game in check, he still managed to burn me on the play action at times throughout the game, either with curls or the FB coming out of the backfield. Like Fiasco said, it’s something you just want to sprinkle in from time to time. I played a game in which I went 13/13 passing with that play because I simply took what my opponent was giving me. If he wants to stack the box, then keep passing until he adapts, and if he doesn’t, he doesn’t.