Madden Daily Membership Testimonials

Taken straight out of the Madden Daily Forums

“As far as the content goes…. WOW!! The videos explain exactly what to do and once you master it, there is no stopping you.

I personally haven’t played Madden AT ALL since 2008. Never bought a game, never even seen a game being played in those 5 years. I got Madden 25 with my Xbox One and I was horrible. My record was no joke 10-38. I don’t even know how I won those 10 games ahah. As of now I am in the top 100 on Xbox One. Running the schemes from the first two weeks of the membership obviously upped my game big time, but more importantly, it taught me how to play Madden right and call the right plays in any situation.

And hell man, only $8 a month? As soon as I play one of my degenerate friends for money I will probably win a years worth of membership money in one sitting. Too easy man.

Thanks Maddendaily.”

-Khaled Sinno

I’ve been with MaddenDaily for the past two years and they are a pair of dedicated and professional individuals. Their support service is top notch and their ebooks are second to none. What I really like about the guides is that they teach me how to better read a defense and they actually have schemes and not a bunch of random unrelated ‘money’ plays that a good player will pick up on and shut down. They set the standard last year with the base align / base align feature in their Chicago Defensive Guide, then the whole Madden Community was doing it. I don’t know if they came up with that concept 1st or not, but it was in their ebook that I saw it first. The KC Guide has to be included in any serious discussion as being one of the best offensive guides for the current gen consoles. I still use 2 of the schemes that I know carried over to the next gen system.

Also, they cater to all level of players from beginner to expert. For example, The “Dumb it Down” feature makes everything quick and easy for the beginner or intermediate player to grasp. (Set-ups are quick and easy), while the more advanced stuff is for the Higher skilled player who can make all the setups, plus extra adjustments before getting quick hiked. I belong to several Madden sites and can honestly say that Madden Daily ranks as one of the best.

My friend also has a grt8 madden website and nothing is more of a P.I.A (besides getting IP Booted) then playing against someone using his schemes or Madden Daily’s schemes. I’m far from being a top Madden player, but I have progressed a LONG way from the player I was 3 yrs ago. Some days I’m just in the zone and get win after win. Othertimes, I just don’t have it, and then it’s times to turn the machine off for the day. I have SEVERAL people to thank for my Madden Progression, MaddenDaily for one, and several others,but I don’t know if it’s appropriate to name them on this site (but they know who they are).
Gonna miss my boy EnemyAgent on the XBOX1 as he went to PS4 for the newgen. We had some grt8 fun games and some hard fought wars…Wanted to try some of MDaily stuff out on him LOL.

The paid monthly subscription here will offer some of the most beneficial information for the serious Madden player hoping to improve his/her game!


“The one thing that impresses me the most with Madden Daily, is how they go into detail with every specific play. They do not just show you “Money plays”, but instead, they show you the concept behind they play. Because of this, you can now carry over concepts to other plays or formations. Simply put, If their E-Books are so well constructed, put together and contains no fluff or filler, imagine how well their Subscriber Site will be. The only thing that stinks is that coaches in my Madden League might find out about this Site. LOL

You guys believe in “Teaching a man how to fish” as opposed to catching the fish for him!! Also posting on the forums is helping me brush up on my math LOL!!”


“Hey guys thanks, the content you guys supply sells itself, and quite honestly you guys sell. Many sites I feel like they are holding their best stuff because they don’t like revealing what they run but you guys are like a breath of fresh air and the time you guys put into it is on display every time I buy and an ebook or watch a you tube video. You guys are top notch!”