Please continue supporting Madden Daily by registering to our forums! Many have been asking for real forums since we launched the site. Well here you go! Me and Fiasco have 2 new Madden 13 tips already recorded, and are ready to be launched. As soon as we get 50 new people to register to our site, we will put both out at the same time! One is a tip on completely stopping every nano in the game. Yes your read that right. The other is a deadly money play in which every route is unbumpable and can be a one play touchdown. Register Now and start posting on the forums! All you have to do is click on the Forum Tab in the Navigation bar.

The Forums are separated into several categories. Tournament players have their own section, and online players have their own as well. We also have a General Madden 13 section to go along with Offensive/Defensive strategy. Every tip that we put out on the site will also have it’s own thread in the strategy section. Feel free to post your own tips and strategies as well. If your tired of Madden you can still chat in our Gridiron (Fantasy Football, Sports Betting, NFl News) and General Forums (off topic).

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