What is going on guys we are going to be running our second tournament of the year on the PS4 for our free Carolina ebook coming this Saturday the 18th!!! Last week we had it on xbox and it was a great hit.

The tournament will be Saturday October 18th starting at 12 P.M Eastern time. It will be 1 day so if you are not available the whole day please do not register for the tournament.
To Enter this tournament you must be a premium member to our site and click here and enter your PSN, twitch stream and twitter name, BUT there are requirements.
1. You must be able to stream your game. We are going to be doing special with all tournaments this year and live stream 2 games at once! we will have picture in picture both games on screen one will be bigger than the other with the madden daily team commentating the games going on. This also means you dont have to have audio or anything on your stream just have the stream up that is all. If you dont have a twitch create one its free and like we said you dont have to have any audio just visual.
2. must be available all day past 12 pm saturday october 18th. We will have a STRICT 15 min ideal policy after each player has completed there games. If you dont check in on time when you are supposed to play your game you will forfeit the game! rules will be further discuses this coming week…
3. Please check in 30 min before 12 on saturday so we can get everything set up on time to start up at 12. This is our second tourney so we are trying to see how everything is going to work.
4.Since the ETA on ebook is sometime this week and this tournament is on saturday if you win and you already purchased the ebook we will refund you the money spent on it.
5.This tournament is obviously for premium members only or for people who have bought our Minn ebook the first couple will be like this till we can perfect our stream for bigger tournaments down the road.


  1. hey guys where is the ebook? thought yall had said it was gonna drop saturday? its now monday and nothing lol..

    gives us a headsup at least..