We are proud to announce the launch of our first E-Book under the Madden Daily brand. This E-Book will cover the Chicago defensive playbook.

Chicago Defensive E-Book

The formations we cover throughout the E-Book include:

– 43-Stack

– 43-Over

– 43-Under

– 46 Normal

– 416

– Nickel Normal

– Nickel Wide 9

– Dime Normal

– Quarters Normal

– Quarters 3 Deep

– AND 3 NEW DEFENSIVE CONCEPTS which can be incorporated in ALL FORMATIONS

We broke down 34 total plays in this e book. This includes 14 Dumb it Down plays, 3 New Madden 13 Concepts, and 17 Advanced plays. However, with different variations for different situations it comes out to 40+ Plays!

Along with these formations we will also add a few more plays throughout the rest of the Madden Season!!!

*** We also included a GAMEPLAY video of how Litezout utilizes this scheme as he breaks down the entire defensive side of the ball***

Along with the video, Litezout and Fiasco both explain how they personally like to play on the defensive side of the ball. This includes their 5 audibles and what formations they like to come out in for each situation.

Whether you are a novice Madden player who can make minimal adjustments or a hardcore player there is a ton of information you can learn from this E-Book. It caters to everyone regardless of your Madden skill.



    • yes. we believe its a fair price for the quality and effort we put in without breaking the bank for people. Ive seen ebooks cost double with a third of the content.

  1. I like the format of the material so far. I like the info of what you do on which down and loved the gameplay. I’d love to see you play someone who pass leads more often (especially from the outside since I find that almost unstoppable). I don’t like the .exe guide format (with registration) but understand why you use it. I think one of the most beneficial things you could do to compliment this guide is to have game footage with commentary (showing how and when you use the plays). I know I’ve run the 43 under Will Punch 3 seam to catastrophic results. Just gets destroyed every time.

    I’ll keep digging into the book and report back later. Overall, good job. There is a teeny bit of duplication, but not much, so worth the money unless you already have e-book(s) that are working for you. I’ve enjoyed your material and dumb it down series so figured I’d check out the e-book to show my appreciation for your free work.

  2. The ebook is easily worth twenty bucks! The concepts can be applied with any defensive formation in the game, I would def buy it again! looking forward to updates

    • Thank You!!! We will inform everyone when an update comes out, but there should be enough content in the ebook already to hold everyone over for a while lol

  3. Great e book !!
    The e book is very well done and thought out. The concepts range from simple setups with very few adjustments to advanced setups.

    You not only receive setups but the philosophy behind the setups.

    The e book has shotgun as well as under center set ups, theirs no fluff in the e book !

    I personally never thought I’d find an e book to rival Lites Outs run heavy but I believe
    this is it.

    My favorite thing about the e book is the willingness of the authors to personally answer or explain any questions you may have.
    Great Job Guys.

    • THANK YOU so much for the great feedback!! Are you registered on our Forums??? Just wondering who this is as you said you purchased previous ebooks from me in the past.. I promise me and Fiasco will keep delivering nothing but Quality, glad you’re loving it !!

  4. Hey I also just purchased this Ebook. I got the receipt email but nothing after that. I already sent madden daily my trans id and email address. Just wanted to give you guys a heads up. Cant wait to put this thing to use

  5. Is this some type of scam where y’all take our money nd send us the ebook when you guys are ready or something? Its going on day 2 and I still didn’t even see the ebook! My email is bighobbz09@yahoo.com. And no it’s not in my spam folder! I wish y’all stop playing and give me what I paid for!!

    • I HAVE EMAILED YOU COUNTLESS TIMES AND PERSONALLY SENT THE BOOK! Please check your E-Mail. If you dont want it, I will personally refund your money.

  6. I want to get the bears defensive e book, but I only have an Android phone. can I use my phone to open the e book up?