Check out Fiasco’s newest Road to the Top 100 video. His opponent (ixGrandMasterxi) is ranked in the Top 20 on the Xbox 360 leaderboards. We knew going into the game that it would be tough match up. Watch now to find out who won!

Teams Used:

Madden Daily – Seattle with Green Bay Offensive Playbook and Chicago Defensive Playbook

ixGRANDMASTERxi – New England with Custom Playbooks


  1. Great game Fiasco… That dude is a bum running that same play. He also has a turbo blitz that he runs on D. That FL screen will stop it all the time. Great idea to put two blues and two purples to stop those wheel routs. As you know they are un-bumpable and he abuses that crap out of that play.

  2. Good stuff. Some bum blocked allmy fg the other day even when i held. After the gn i googled it and to my suprise a kid that looks kike he is 9 came with how. The shit is a it h move.