For the past two weeks, many of you asked and wondered when the Madden 13 demo was coming out. Here at Madden Daily, we knew that the date was either August 7th, or August 14th. However, there was no official word stated until now! The 4 teams we will get to use are the Giants, 49ers, Seahawks, and Redskins. The game will be four 5 minute quarters and you can choose the difficulty. I’m happy with the four teams because I feel like they all have different play styles. The Redskins should have an offense derived from RG3 and his skill sets. The Seahawks have players at every position with incredible height and jump. They are definitely a good team to brush up on your user catch skills. As far as defenses go, the Giants and 49ers are a complete opposite. The Giants are a 4-3 team while the 9ers use a 3-4. This is perfect for us because we now have a chance to try basically every defensive formation in the game! Overall, We can’t wait to get our hands on the game, break it down, and start giving you guys free Madden tips. Who’s as excited as I am?

Madden NFL 13 Demo Sneak Peek: 49ers vs Giants Intro

Madden NFL 13 Demo Sneak Peek: Seahawks vs Redskins Intro