The Madden NFL 15 Roster Update for upcoming Week 5 is out! You will be able to download them as soon as you get online for Madden 15. Here are some key changes that we noticed.

JJ Watt should be a 107 overall after that ridiculous pick 6 .. but they have him stuck at 99. Tom Brady is barely a 90 Overall rated QB now after a demoralizing loss to Kansas City. Tight End Travis Kelce from the Chiefs is becoming a stud on the virtual and actual gridiron with an 84 overall and improved CTH (82) and CIT (81) Rating. After a 3 Touchdown week, Tight End Larry Donnell from the Giants is now a 85 Overall. Defensive End Muhammad Wilkerson is up to a 96 overall after proving every week that you can not run on the Jets. Geno Smith dropped down 2 more points and is only a 75 overall (should be using Vick anyway in Madden.) Kirk Cousins went up 3 points last week but they took the 3 points 0-100 quick and is now a 78 overall again. Steve Smith might have lost his blazing speed, but he’s back at a 90 overall and a solid Madden WR. Demarco Murray is now a 93 Overall and one of the best Running backs in Madden and real life. Randall Cobb is an 89 now, Jordy Nelson 95, Jairus Byrd down to 94, Phillip Rivers now a 93, and Teddy Bridgewater up to a 79 overall. One person that I think should be much higher rated is Andrew Luck. There is no way he should only be a 90 overall. He is absolutely killing it right now.


Let us know your comments and thoughts on this week’s Roster Update below!




  1. Leveon bell should be 93 overall as well and at least 90 speed with higher agility and Antonio brown should be 97 overall

  2. loving the roster updates you guys posting. just waiting for my bucs to win a few more games and get that boost…its a wrap!!

  3. Jason Kelce got his overall raised last week but he should be the highest rated center. He was running stride for with Maclin and a safety in that redskins game, and the eagles can’t run without him.