Still craving Madden even when you’re not at home with your next-gen system? EA Sports’ newest work-in-progress is bound to satisfy your desires. (Well, Madden-related desires at least.) Madden NFL Social is a game currently available on Facebook and soon to be released for iOS.


Madden Social’s probable featured mode will be Madden Crossfire, which is a “turn-based” game mode that has multiplayer capability. Similar to Words With Friends, you can manage multiple games at once with different friends, which is certainly a nice benefit. Best of all, the games are in 3D!


The way your team starts is through a throwback concept: cards and coins. Your team is obtained through “purchasing” players with coins. Through the Auction House, it is possible to make bids for players with the coins that you obtain over the course of the game.


The successor to the now-defunct Madden NFL Superstars, Madden NFL Social will eventually be able to be played interchangeably through Facebook and your phone. Although the release date for iOS has yet to be announced, it has kept avid players excited and counting down the days until it is finally made available.


I personally think that the interchangeability (yes, that’s a word) of the game is its most promising feature. The idea of starting a game on Facebook and being able to continue it on your mobile device (or vice versa) is pretty sweet and will make it a popular choice among Madden players.


Want to learn more (Click Here). Ea Sports just released detailed information on Madden Social’s gameplay for the iOS. This includes new rushing, passing, and kicking controls that seem surprisingly impressive for a smart phone. I’m confident this game will satisfy both casual Madden players and extreme Madden enthusiasts.


Did you play Madden NFL Superstars and are you looking forward to the iOS version of Madden NFL Social? What are you looking forward to most? For up-to-the-minute news about Madden NFL Social, stay current with EA Sports’ website and Madden Daily for further analysis! Also, have your say in the comments below and keep an eye out for more Madden NFL 13 tips!