Madden 15 – Vikings Defensive EBook!

Welcome to Our Madden 15 Vikings Defensive E Book Guide. All videos in this ebook work post patch! We originally came out with this ebook a week or two after the game came out and it was bar none the best heat out at the time. On October 4th, EA put out a patch that changed the way the Offensive Line pass blocked. This effected some of the setups in our original ebook. We updated the Ebook a few times since then but wanted to put out a new full body of work to thank you all for your continued support. With Thankgiving in a few days, we felt like this was only right. I hope you guys enjoy the new and improved videos for our Vikings Defensive Ebook. We worked very hard to perfect this defensive scheme and make it as easy as possible to understand the exact way that we use this scheme.

( If you enjoyed this Ebook, make sure you check out our Carolina Offensive EBook that is out now, and a New Defensive and Offensive EBook coming very shortly. Thank you all again for your support. )


43 Wide Nine

1. Cover 2 Invert – Our Base Play and Adjustments

2. Cover 2 Invert – Blitzing the Safety

3. Any Play – Blitzing the OLB ( 5 Man Rush )

4. Any Play – 4 Man Rush DT A Gap Setup

5. Any Play – 3 Man Rush DT A Gap Setup

6. Fire Man – 6 Man (What to do when your opponent no huddles.)

7. Corner Blitz 3


8. 43 Stack Shake 


9. 43 Over DT A Gap Scheme


10. New Run Defense Concept (Controlling the DT)

11. 4th and 1 – Goal line QB Sneak and FB Dive Defense


12. 46 Normal Fire Zone 3

13. 46 Normal Inside Blitz

14. 46 Normal Engage Eight

15. 46 Normal Zone Blitz Variation 1

16. 46 Normal Zone Blitz Variation 2


17. Nickel 335 Wide





Vikings Gameplay Videos:


1. Unranked All Madden Gameplay #1 (Defending PA End Around Offense)

2. Unranked All Madden Gameplay #2 (Defending Pass Heavy Team / Offenses)

3. Ranked All Pro Top 100 Gameplay # 1 (Defending Run Heavy Offense)

4. Ranked All Pro Top 100 Gameplay # 2 (Defending the Spread Offense)