MaddenDaily Maintenance

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Hey Guys, we have been experiencing issues for the past week or so with website speed on our current theme layout. We felt like we needed to make a necessary change. The website will be down for the night and early tomorrow as we switch themes. All open Support Tickets will be answered asap.

** Madden Daily Premium Members, Week 19’s Tips will be up on schedule this weekend. We have a new video for Week 18 we were planning on posting as a Bonus tip. You can view that now below if you would like. Its a brand new video breaking down methods on utilizing motions to cause very effective delay routes in Madden 17 Post Patch.  **

Also, Our Run Balanced Offensive Gameplan will be Available Soon! Recording videos for it Now as we write this. This is truly the Best Offense of the year and we are excited to showcase it to you all.

Thank You Everyone for your Patience & Support.


Here is Our Bonus Week 18 Madden Daily Premium Membership Tip Video