Lately, the new craze in the Madden Community is creating manual rushes. You can get to the Quarterback a lot quicker manually than letting the computer do it. The nano that I’m going to cover in this post is the fastest blitz in Madden 13. You can not come out and block or slide protect this blitz. If you had to face this blitz for the first time without knowing about Madden Daily, you would probably get killed. If you don’t know how to block this blitz, you will get sacked before you can even pass to your first read!

In this video, we cover several techniques to destroy this manual nano blitz. The blitz is really not effective if you know ways to stop it. All you have to do is motion a receiver or running back to the gap in which our opponent is manually rushing and hike the ball. Our receiver will block the blitz and we will have sufficient time to read the field. Another way to block this blitz is by coming out in a formation in which the running back is offset. This means that the RB is lined up closer to the quarterback. In sets that the running back is offset, his blocking assignments change. Normally you can only block a running back one way, but in offset formations you can block a running back to the outside or inside. This manual nano blitz will get stopped if we block to the inside because the RB goes straight to the a gap.

Quick Screens and outside runs also kill this manual blitz. When you manually try to blitz, this negates you from doing anything else. Stretch runs, counters, and tosses need to be manually guarded to the outside. If you are manually blitzing up the middle, you will get ran on every single down. The FL Screen in Shotgun Normal also needs to be manually guarded and can be thrown immediately.

Overall the manual rush can be extremely effective if you don’t play smart on offense. But if you run the ball, and block the a gap, this defense is terrible.

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  1. You can do this out of so many 4 down line men its nuts. There’s ways to do it that kill the run too. They need to patch this

  2. Played a dude who tried this w/ Rodgers-Cromartie 2 days ago. All I did was motion the RB and 4 TDs later = Rage Quit lol. Deff wanna see it patched though.

    • yeah once you figure out how to block it the blitz is useless imo .. there are so many things on offense that need to be manually guarded in this gm

  3. Last night I played some douche and everytime I had to kickoff to him I would pick Kickoff and it would say please wait on his side for a few seconds and then all of a sudden my kicker would just go kick – I had no control over the power angle nothing – every damn time. The ball either went straight up or out of bounds. I beat him and made hime rage quit cause the ass also unsuccessfully tried the manual a gap. Anyone seen it and have a counter for it. The jerks GT was Grizz Is Blowed

    • wow sounds like he was messing with his router to lag you so you couldn’t kick. Did you attempt a FG that game as well? I’m assuming the same thing happened if you did.

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