The Jets have again opened the NFL season with a lot of buzz and anticipation. Acquiring Tim Tebow, the most polarizing player in pro sports was another step in earning constant slobbering from ESPN and just about any sports talk radio show in America.


If you forgot (which is reasonable, considering a Jets brawl usually takes up Sportscenter’s time anyways), the team gave Mark Sanchez a contract extension before trading for Tebow. This puts both players’ fantasy values in a rut. Although the prevailing theme is that Sanchez is the #1 QB with Tebow occasionally spelling him, Sanchez is not worth a gamble as a fantasy quarterback.

Will Sanchez chalk up a few games of two or three passing TDs? Yes. Will Tebow score between 5 and 10 rushing TDs from goal-line sets? It’s a distinct possibility. However, the play of these two guys is far too inconsistent to start either of them on your fantasy squad. You can not merely “hope” that one of these guys will just spring a big game week in and week out.

Would you consider drafting or picking up one of these guys? Do you think one of them will have a great fantasy season? Leave your thoughts below.


Inevitably, two of the guys in your fantasy draft will draft these guys higher than their projected output will justify. The brand equity of these guys and the Jets franchise is simply too strong for fantasy owners to pass up on. Not to be overly pessimistic, but the only way one of these guys will possess any legitimate fantasy value is if the other one sustains an injury, giving the incumbent QB more reps. I advise you stay away from these guys at your draft and pick a quarterback in the later rounds who has minimal competition behind him.