Membership FAQ

1) I purchased membership, how come I can’t view any content?

There are two likely scenarios here:

A) You cancelled the subscription in your Paypal account. When you do this, it cancels your membership. There’s no way to reactivate that subscription. Please buy another subscription at the link below and then open a ticket letting us know. We will refund your original payment. Buy Premium

B) You signed up for the week free trial and are a free trial member (not yet premium.) Free trial members can only access certain videos that have the “Free Trial” label at the end of it. If you want to skip the week free trial and become a premium member right away, please buy premium membership at the following link: Buy Premium.

NOTE –Please be sure to then cancel the FIRST subscription you created in your Paypal account or else you will be charged twice. You can do so by following the steps here: Cancelling Membership / Free Trial

2) How do I cancel my membership / free trial?
You can cancel your membership or free trial by cancelling the subscription created in your Paypal account. Step by step instructions can be found here: Cancelling Membership / Free Trial

3) I got charged twice. Why did this happen?
This usually happens if you joined the week free trial and then upgraded to premium early. When that happens, you are actually creating a 2nd subscription in your Paypal account. When your week free trial was over, it automatically upgraded you to premium on your original subscription. Please cancel one of your subscriptions by following the steps in this link: Cancelling Membership / Free Trial. Then open a ticket and let us know, and we will refund you.