In this week’s tips, Richie is posting his 43 Wide 9 scheme. In our opinion Rich is one of the better players this year on both sides of ball, so we wanted to share with you what he his doing out of 43 Wide 9. This is his base defense and has great success with it in money games.


  1. 43 Wide 9 Coverage D (Premium and Free Trial)
  2. 43 Wide 9 Left Side Heat (Premium Only)
  3. 43 Wide 9 Right Side Heat (Premium Only)
  4. 43 Wide 9 Run D (Premium Only)
  5.  Singleback Tight Slots- Saints Flood


  1. fiasco and/or rich, I see this in not in the Oakland defense playbook that is sold now; is this from the Cincinnati playbook from last year that was sold or a new defensive playbook coming out for sale; If from Cincinnati hell fire defense playbook (which is the best playbook scheme I’ve seen) do some of the scheme from last year still work on madden 17; if that nickel and dime scheme plus this for the two back sets or run sets; I will be dominating this year like last year

  2. Do you still run the nickel and dime concept sold in the Cincinnati hell fire playback in your Dallas and Philly playbook or something different ; do hell fire work in Madden 17 or how madden 17 is now you can’t use hell fire concept

  3. I already bought Oakland but still love hell fire better; can’t use hell fire in Oakland Def but I can use it in Cincinnati hell fire and use the 43 wide 9 concept

  4. Yo, bought the premium membership week 1 and been able to see everything until this. I still have the membership so whats up?