Hey guys, this week we really wanted to focus on stopping the QB sneak. Because lets face it, almost every game will come down to a short yardage situation that can tilt the game in our favor. We found a great way to stop the sneak while also not giving up the toss or other runs someone can mix in with the sneak. In addition, we show the effectiveness of stock fade routes, why you should be running cover 6, and a base defense that will shutdown under center passing while being able to contain the run and rollouts.


  1. Stock Fade Routes Breakdown (PREMIUM & FREE TRIAL)
  2. Stopping QB Sneak in 44 Split (PREMIUM)
  3. Stopping QB in Goalline and Nickel 245 (PREMIUM)
  4. Effectiveness of Cover 6 (PREMIUM)
  5. Quick Blockshed against Undercenter passing – Base Defense (PREMIUM)


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