In Madden 17 you’re pretty much forced to send outside heat to get pressure at the quarterback. One thing that makes outside heat effective is it is kind of easy to manipulate the running back to block to the middle and leave a blitzing corner free. So, we went ahead and labbed up how to make sure our running back picks up any outside blitzer to the side he is on.

All you simply have to do is be in a shotgun set that is not an “offset” type of formation, block the runningback and pinch your offensive line down. This will force our HB to pick up and outside blitz on the side he is on.

This will force our opponent to have to send 5 or 6 minimum to get any pressure on us. Keep in mind, by doing this blocking scheme, if our opponent sends 6 we know the heat will come in on the side opposite the runningback every time. This will make it easier to make reads after we snap the ball.



  1. What is the new way post patch to run nickle normal nb blitz? Or is it the same steps base align, press, pinch dline, crash out, optional coverage de/dt, hold l2 on guard, and just add slide lbs right to look symmetric?