There are a lot of concepts discussed in this video that you can take into other formations and use to defend the dreaded “Corner Flat Combo”:

1: Putting an OUTSIDE LB or Slot Corner in a yellow will contain the corner route from being qucikly thrown. The only issue here is the corner will eventually get opened on the sidelines if you don’t have a light blue ir purple

2: By using a Purple either with a safety or LB, you will be able to contain the last part of the corner route, preventing it from getting open

3: if you use a purple and the opponent is patient enough he can hit the flat route as a late read, so you can man up a player on the outside WR in a 2 by 2 set. Now you would have a yellow, purple and man dedicated to this, but keep in mind the yellow will also play anything crossing from right to left and the manned up LB on the outside WR will cross man if that WR is coming across the middle. So it looks like alot of coverage, but this will blanket the corner flat and be prepared for other routes.

4: We like to incorporate some pressure to prevent the offense from putting the HB on a curl as a later read. A blitz will force them from sending the HB out, making our job as a user much easier.

5: You want to lurk one side yourself. If you try to Coverage both sides, you’re leaving yourself exposed in the middle if they call another play and dedicating way too many outside zones against a compressed set. Usually when a player sees you run right to one side, theyll look the other way and hopefully throw into coverage or we make them hesitate enough for a coverage sack.

We like the 34 even, or you can do is same blitz setup in 34 over with the coverage adjustments against the corner flat combo because we are able to get all of the above against these types of sets.