We hope you all have a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. As a token of not only the holiday season, but also for how patient you guys have been with us through the migration of our new site/server, we wanted to thank you all.

We will be doing Week 20 and then also a Week 20 Holiday Bonus Edition of Tips as a gift from us to you all. 8 Tips instead of 4 so a Bonus extra week of tips. We also will be striving to get our Brand New Run Balanced Offensive Gameplan out for you guys by Next Weekend. Madden Daily Premium Members will be getting a big discount on it!

What we are Breaking Down for Week 20 & Week 20 BONUS:

  • New Man Press Concept that will help change the defensive meta of M17
  • Dime 236 Silver Shoot Pinch Dual Side and 3 Man Rush B Gap Blitz
  • Effectiveness of Motioned Out Running Back Wheel Routes (How to keep the wheel route instead of a fade route)
  • Dime 236 addition to Cover 2 Scheme – Why Cover 2 Sink is important to use with Tampa 2
  • Forum Focus Tip – Getting Safeties or Cornerbacks at Linebackers through Package
  • 46 Bear Defensive Scheme Part 1
  • 46 Bear Defensive Scheme Part 2
  • 4th and Final Tip Still Determined

Due to the Holiday Season we currently have family over but we will get these videos all finalized and finished by the end of the night. Hope you guys enjoy your time with your family, friends, and loved ones for this holiday season. Run Balanced Offensive Gameplan Looking to be Dropped Next Weekend. GET READY!! Merry Christmas!